As departments continue to be busier and are asked to do more with less staff, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to complete month-end before processing new items for the following month. This is especially true for those with daily products that are booking revenue each day. To help alleviate some of this pressure, Multipub has added a new capability. You can now post transactions into the next month before the previous one has been closed.

In the past, Multipub required users to close the previous month before any transactions could be posted into the next period. But with this new feature, you may keep the previous month open while proceeding to do entries, processes, and posting into the next period.

That being said, you may only have two periods open at time. We recommend closing the oldest one before moving forward.

This functionality is controlled through a policy setting, which can be set on the Control File. It allows publishers to indicate whether or not they’d like to use this feature.

Contact to learn more about this feature and how to activate it for your system.