A year ago, we expanded our rate code set-up options. Now, when setting rates for Multi-Issue Pricing, Multipub users can price a product by either the term or by the day. This is particularly valuable to our newspaper and other clients who have issue prices that vary by day, like a Sunday paper or special edition.

How It Works

If you choose to price by term, the system will operate as it always has.

However, if you choose to price your issues by day, you will first need to change your price type to “Day of the Week” in the Product Inquiry. Then, you can enter a price for each day as needed.

Products that have pricing by Day of the Week also earn revenue based on the price per day. Rather than recognizing “1/termth” of revenue for each issue, it uses the price per day to determine the revenue for that issue. If you use a term amount, the system earns the pro rata share of the sales amount for each issue.

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