We are proud to announce that Donna Miller has been promoted to customer success manager. With a decade of experience at Multipub, she is well-versed in our system and a natural fit for the new position. She brings a background in publishing, working in the industry since 1998.

“With a deep appreciation of Multipub and a history of providing excellent client care, we are excited to have Donna lead our customer support team. Collaborative and knowledgeable, we look forward to seeing how she continues to build upon the foundation we’ve created over the years,” said Lorna Fenimore, President, Multipub.

In 2010, Donna began working as part of our customer support team. After training with our founder Gay Manning and learning the system, she became more involved in managing implementations, data conversions and planning. Those years of experience have translated into an extensive understanding of the platform, which she regularly shares with co-workers and clients.

“I want to make sure our clients are getting the most out of Multipub. I’m a strong advocate for the system and want our customer support team to be the first escalation resource. It’s important to me that we all have a strong comprehension of how it works, so we can share that information with one another,” said Donna.

We asked her to share what she’s looking forward to in this role. She responded, “I’ve had a few ideas in my pocket for years. The first of which is that I would like to build up our online knowledge base, making it even easier to find what is needed. I also want to increase efficiency and mentor those on my team.”

Congratulations Donna!