We’re excited to announce that Multipub has launched an integration with Atypon, the makers of Literatum. Their online publishing and website development platform was designed to help online publishers deliver mission-critical content to practitioners and researchers in every field.

When used together, Multipub and Literatum support access control and paywalls. They do this by merging our system’s robust accounting and subscription management capabilities with their content management functionality. This connection allows our clients to automate who should or should not have access to their controlled content.

Here’s How the Integration Works

Atypon account numbers are stored in Multipub. Every night, our feed sends updates to the Atypon server. These updates are posted to their FTP server where they pick up the files and import the data into their systems. Atypon then uses this information to determine which users should have access to which content. This integration provides users with the ability to seamlessly flow from Multipub into Atypon without any duplicate data entry and with very little human involvement.