Our platform’s multi-response demo codes allow publishers to input more than one response in a single field. They are often used by audited publications who track areas of interest or purchasing authority of the subscriber. They can use this information to target their marketing efforts internally or leverage it as an additional sales offering to their advertisers.

Multi-response codes allow our clients to track generic demographics and more specific ones in a streamlined way. For example, instead of creating separate fields for each state that a subscriber may want to follow, all that information can be gathered in a single field. They can also be used to track responses to “check all that apply” survey questions or to manage a subscriber’s interest in a variety of topics.

Using this tool is simple. First, you must set up the demographic as a multi-response field and provide the validation values for data that will be entered. As users are entering data into these fields, they can simply hit the tab key to store multiple values in one field. That information can then be accessed via queries or reports for sales and marketing efforts.