Today, we’re excited to announce we are expanding our subscription management platform’s capabilities by adding a new integration with Stripe. This well-known credit card processor serves millions of companies of all sizes. In our latest release, we are connecting our two systems, allowing Multipub users to take advantage of this solution as well.

“For years, we’ve offered integrations with processors, like, Braintree, PayPal/Verisign, Edgil/Payway, Cybersource and Orbital. Those solutions will continue to be available. However, this partnership empowers our current clients by giving them more options to find a tool that works best for their business,” said Lorna Fenimore, President of Multipub.

How Stripe and Multipub Manage Subscriptions Together

Data Entry Transactions

  1. The card number is entered into the Multipub data entry screen.
  2. Then, the information is encrypted and sent to Stripe via a secure connection.
  3. Next, Stripe assigns a unique token to the credit card number.
  4. That token is then sent back to our subscription management system and stored in our platform for future use.

Website Transactions

  1. The transaction is processed first in Stripe.
  2. Then, a unique token is passed to Multipub via API’s.
  3. Next, that identifier is stored in our subscription management platform.
  4. Going forward, any future charges or refunds made to the order can be posted back to the card via the token.

Stripe and Multipub Security

To provide the highest level of security, we do not store any credit card data in Multipub. Instead, unique tokens are assigned to each transaction. This method allows future charges and changes to be processed with only this code. Using the unique identifier, Multipub can authorize recurring billing and process cancellations seamlessly.

Cancellations and Stripe

When making cancellations the unique identifier and desired refund amount are both processed in Multipub and then sent to Stripe, allowing their system to complete the refund. This processing is available even if the original credit card payment was taken on the website.

Recurring Billing and Stripe

Multipub manages all recurring billing, and then sends Stripe the payment information via the token. This method allows publishers to process these orders without keeping sensitive information, like credit card numbers, on file.

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