Our developers recently made a change to our subscription management platform that simplifies the issue update process. This change saves fulfillment departments valuable time when running labels and offers them greater insight into their processes.

Previously, the issue update had to be processed in two steps. The first step was to create a label batch with the products, issues, dates, etc. for the products to be sorted. The second step was to go into the Sort Labels program and choose the label batch that had previously been created. The issue update would then begin processing.

Now, users can do all of those steps from a single view, allowing them to improve the speed of their subscription management. From one screen, users can add or view a label batch and then, select the newly added green run button. While the new set-up saves time, the biggest advantage is that the improvements allow users to see all their label batches at once. With greater visibility, they can make sure that the correct products are sorted for the correct dates and that no issues are missed.

Have more questions about the subscription management issue update process? Contact us at sales@multipub.com to schedule a demo for your subscription management company.