Today, we’re excited to announce Multipub has joined the ePublishing family. A long-time partner and collaborator, this new arrangement offers benefits to both our organizations. It allows ePublishing to expand its offerings and provides our company with new opportunities for growth.

“We are pleased to welcome Multipub into the ePublishing family,” said ePublishing CEO Tom Chaffee. “Multipub has helped publishers grow for more than four decades. Combining Multipub’s products and expertise with our integrated suite of software and services furthers our mission to provide a unified, full-stack solution that drives revenue, improves productivity, and increases engagement for publishers.”

A premier CMS provider, ePublishing has 42 team members with 207 separate product installs. They serve 163 companies across six countries and are actively developing five products, with three legacy products still in use, out of two data centers. Their suite of products is used by publishers in the news, vertical and B2B markets.

Though Multipub and ePublishing have merged, many aspects of our business will stay the same. In fact, our entire team will remain on staff, supporting our platform and clients. However, exciting changes are ahead. We plan to invest in our system to further grow its functionality.

“While our team, philosophy and support will remain the same, we’re excited about what this merger represents. We’ll be introducing new team members and an expanded list of product offerings to better support our clients. With ePublishing on-board, we see exponential growth for our business and platform in the coming years,” said President and COO of Multipub Lorna Fenimore.