relias media multipub client atlanta
relias media multipub client
relias media multipub client

Client Challenge:

Relias Media’s website was not integrated with Multipub, making daily processes inefficient and cumbersome. Online orders had to be pulled manually each night, access to online content could be delayed up to three days after an order was received, and customers were often asked to login to two websites with separate usernames and passwords for each.

Client Brief:

Client Name: Relias Media
Industry: Business-to-Business Publications
Why Multipub: Integration with website


Now, Relias Media’s website is connected directly to Multipub. Orders entered on their website are logged automatically into our platform, increasing efficiency and accuracy.

The Benefits:

  • Orders entered online are automatically inserted into Multipub.
  • Customers can manage their own contact records to ensure their information is up-to-date.
  • Access to online content can be granted right away.

“When Relias Media, formerly AHC Media, purchased the AHC titles from Thompson Media Group, we were under a tight deadline to convert our titles out of their system. Multipub built our cloud-based solution and migrated our data. We were live on the cloud in a matter of weeks.”

– Robin Salet, Relias Media

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