american recycler multipub client
american recycler multipub client
american recycler multipub client

Client Challenge:

Before converting to Multipub, American Recycler was using a CRM platform as their subscription management system. It didn’t have the capability to generate issue labels, invoices or renewal notices. They were looking for one integrated system that would allow them to manage their advertisers and sales prospects, as well as subscribers, in one system.

Client Brief:

Client Name: American Recycler News
Industry: Business-to-Business Publisher
Why Multipub: Integrated CRM and subscription management


Multipub enables American Recycler to store both advertisers and subscribers in one system. The CRM module provides everything they need to manage their correspondence with advertisers. In addition, the subscription components of Multipub provide them with a much more effective way to manage fulfillment, invoices and renewals.

The Benefits:

  • Consolidated advertisers and subscribers in one database.
  • Easy-to-use CRM capabilities.
  • Extensive capabilities for processing renewals, invoices and labels.

ARN is using the Multipub CRM module to manage correspondence with their advertisers. This enables them to schedule calls and activities, record comments and notes, and enter a comp subscription all on the same record.

– Robert Tonchuk, Multipub

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