Client Challenge:

BCA was running an older version of Multipub, which was missing some of their external auditors’ new requirements. To gain those capabilities, they needed to upgrade from Version 10 to 12.

Client Brief:

Client Name: BCA Research
Industry: Business-to-Business Publisher
Why Multipub: Robust Subscription Accounting


A customer for 20 years, BCA Research wanted to explore other options, including migrating to another platform, before choosing to upgrade. Their largest challenge was adjusting dependent systems to work with the new version and the updated table structures. We were able to provide a seamless integration piece, so that BCA did not have to rewrite their integration programs. This solution, combined with the known reliability and robust subscription accounting metrics, made the decision to stay with Multipub and upgrade simple.

The Benefits:

  • Earns revenue easily for many products at once.
  • Provides detailed General Ledger reporting.
  • Offers reliable subscription accounting functionality.
  • Features product setup flexibility.

“I was very hesitant to upgrade, having become very comfortable with the version we were using, but it went off without a hitch. The Multipub team provided outstanding support throughout the process.”

– Dennis Metcalfe, BCA Research

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