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Client Challenge:

Business Valuation Resources (BVR) was looking for a state-of-the art system to help them run key business activities. They wanted a single source to provide accurate accounting, shipping and reporting data.

Client Brief:

Client Name: Business Valuation Resources
Industry: Business-to-Business
Why Multipub: Robust accounting capabilities


Multipub has helped BVR stay attuned to what’s happening with their business by providing the comprehensive accounting data they need. Over the years, we’ve been able to grow together, because of our platform’s potential to integrate with other systems.

The Benefits:

  • Offers deferred and earned revenue capabilities.
  • Integrates with other systems, including Salesforce.
  • Provides important business intelligence data.

“Multipub’s accounting capabilities are second to none, and while it’s one of the primary reasons we selected this system, its flexibility has become something on which we rely. It’s reassuring to know Multipub will work with us to integrate with new partners and ultimately, grow with our business.”

– Lucretia Lyons, President, Business Valuation Resources

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