Client Challenge:

A long-time customer of Multipub had a large database with extensive customizations. After they were acquired by Columbia Books & Information Services (CBIS), their set-up was evaluated. They realized their system could be streamlined and wanted to start fresh with the standard Multipub functionality. They asked for our team’s help through the process.

Client Brief:

Client Name: Columbia Books & Information Services
Industry: Business-to-Business
Why Multipub: Integration Partner


Forging a new partnership with CBIS, we began the project by helping to clean the data and manage the complex rate codes. Enhancements were also made to our API’s to unify data from external sources into one platform. Additionally, CBIS was able to convert its controlled magazine title into Multipub. This integration allowed them to keep their existing systems and save money.

The Benefits:

  • Integrates with external systems.
  • Streamlines workflow.
  • Handles complex rate codes.
  • Manages their controlled publishing needs.

“Multipub is an integral part of our technology infrastructure, and with their commitment to customization, they have come to feel like a business partner of ours. By streamlining and bridging our systems, we’ve been able to save money, boost efficiency and access valuable data more easily.”

– Vish Bhotla, Director of Technology, Columbia Books & Information Services

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