congressional quarterly multipub client
congressional quarterly multipub client
congressional quarterly multipub client

Client Challenge:

Before choosing Multipub, Congressional Quarterly/Roll Call was using two separate systems to manage their subscriptions. They wanted one solution that met their needs and had the in-depth accounting features they were missing.

Client Brief:

Client Name: Congressional Quarterly/Roll Call
Industry: Newspaper
Why Multipub: Robust accounting capabilities


Recognized for its accounting capabilities, Multipub provides valuable data in usable reports. With it, Congressional Quarterly/Roll Call is able to project revenue for 18 months and analyze actual revenue in detail.

The Benefits:

  • Consolidated into one system.
  • Ability to analyze all financial data both in summary and order detail.
  • Installment billing.
  • Group accounts.

“With Multipub, we are able to get detailed accounting reports within minutes of closing month-end. This process took us days before we converted to Multipub. Now all reports are completed and in balance within minutes of closing and we can move on to the next accounting period.”

– Asif Jalil, Senior Vice President & Chief Finance Officer, Congressional Quarterly/Roll Call

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