Client Challenge:

Fastline Media Group was looking for a platform that could handle the complexities of their non-traditional model. They have a combination of paid and controlled subscriptions and wanted a system that could manage both, as well as their rotated circulation. Fastline also collects a massive amount of data from their audience and needed a platform that would support the extensive demographics they use for list selects and advertisers

Client Brief:

Client Name: Fastline Media Group
Industry: Media Group for the Ag Industry
Why Multipub: Rotated circulation and extensive demographics


Multipub not only manages Fastline Media Group’s combination of paid and controlled titles, but also assists them with their rotated circulation. A customer since 1994, they have the ability to track an unlimited number of demographics with our system. By connecting Multipub to their site via API’s, they can attract advertisers with audience data gleaned from targeted, online collection forms.

The Benefits:

  • Simplifies product management by tracking paid and controlled titles.
  • Supports rotated circulation.
  • Boosts efficiency by integrating with their website, the postal pre-sort and NCOA software.
  • Manages an unlimited number of audience demographics.

“Fastline has evolved over the 23 years since working with Multipub, and Multipub has always been able to fulfill our needs from tracking demographics to database management. The platform is easy to use and easy to train, so we can continue to evolve without ever worrying about the need for a subscription database that will evolve with us.”

– Chrissy Wyatt, Customer Service Manager, Fastline Media Group

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