inside mortgage finance multipub client
inside mortgage finance multipub client
inside mortgage finance multipub client

Client Challenge:

Inside Mortgage Finance (IMF) was looking for a fulfillment system that made entering multiple products for a single customer and transaction simple. Their current platform required separate logins for every product, which had become cumbersome. They wanted a solution that provided reliable earned and deferred income reporting, along with great customer service.

Client Brief:

Client Name: Inside Mortgage Finance Publications, Inc.
Industry: Business-to-Business
Why Multipub: Offered smart solutions to order entry, tracking and fulfillment challenges


The Multipub platform allows users to access multiple products, both one-off and subscription, on a single customer record. With the robust accounting system, transactions can be applied to individual orders, making reconciling, balancing and performing audits more efficient.

The Benefits:

  • Made comprehensive customer data easily accessible.
  • Streamlined invoicing.
  • Performed audits efficiently.

“We were searching for a partner who understood not only how the system was designed to work, but how a user would interact with it. Multipub offered us the best of both worlds – great customer service and a robust subscription management system.”

– Gwendolyn Echols-Jones, Director, Circulation and Customer Service, Inside Mortgage Finance Publications, Inc.

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