liverpool university press
liverpool university press
liverpool university press

Client Challenge:

Liverpool University Press was searching for a subscription management platform that would allow them to bring journal management in-house. They wanted to cut costs, gain more transparency into their database, and collect a wide range of demographics. Based in the United Kingdom, they also needed to track ACH debits and integrate with their online journal content host.

Client Brief:

Client Name: Liverpool University Press
Industry: Academic Journal Publishing
Why Multipub: Valuable demographic data and key integrations


With Multipub, Liverpool University Press is now able to manage their journals in-house. They can gather and run reports on important demographics, like customer types, subtypes and rate codes. We also recently launched an integration with their new content host. Blended seamlessly with Multipub, these tools help maximize efficiency for their team.

The Benefits:

  • Cost savings
  • Greater insight into their database
  • Demographic data, such as customer types, subtypes and rate codes
  • ACH debits
  • CloudPublish content platform integration

“With a history working with university presses, Multipub understands our business. When we made the switch to their platform, they worked with us to automate some of our processes, developing a solution that worked best for our team. The Multipub system is simple to use and provides small organizations, like ourselves without dedicated IT resources, the ability to extract comprehensive and meaningful data to guide our business decisions.”

– Kirsten Poole, Subscriptions Manager, Liverpool University Press

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