university of hawaii press
university of hawaii press

Client Challenge:

The University of Hawaii Press (UHP) was looking for a solution that could handle several types of products, including subscriptions. Prior to Multipub, UHP was using two separate systems for subscription management and inventory management. They also needed a platform that would meet their rigorous financial reporting requirements.

Client Brief:

Client Name: University of Hawaii Press
Industry: Academic Journal Publishing
Why Multipub: Financial reporting, inventory management and subscription management in one system


Multipub is able to meet their financial requirements and handle inventory management with one system. It provides UHP with the flexibility to run a suite of financial reports and query data, integrates the inventory management process and allows them to track their promotional efforts.

The Benefits:

  • Accurate financial reporting that meets the needs of the Press and Administration.
  • Integration of separate systems, which enhances overall, operational effectiveness.
  • Prepares the Press for future growth and possible integration with a new website.

“By making the switch to Multipub, we can now manage both products and subscriptions in one system. Having the data in a single place makes work more efficient and allows us to access a comprehensive view of our entire audience.”

– Pamela J. Wilson, Journals Manager, University of Hawaii Press

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