washington publishing company
washington publishing company
washington publishing company

Client Challenge:

Washington Publishing Company was launching a new business model. Instead of shipping printed books, they planned to offer digital subscriptions. They needed a robust audience management platform that could support their changing needs and accommodate their various revenue streams.

Client Brief:

Client Name: Washington Publishing Company
Industry: Business-To-Business
Why Multipub: One platform to handle all aspects of their business


We collaborated closely with Washington Publishing Company to support their move to a subscription-based model. Multipub provided the capability to offer parent/child relationships that worked with their complex account structure. Additionally, our system supported their association management needs as well, allowing them to use one platform for all aspects of their business. We also helped them connect their website to our platform, which permitted online orders to flow directly into their database.

The Benefits:

  • Manages digital subscription products.
  • Handles association management.
  • Supports parent/child relationships for complex accounts.
  • Integrates with websites.

“Before working with Multipub, we were at a crossroads with our business. We needed a platform that could support our move to a digital subscription model. Multipub was able to deliver a solution that worked for our new business, while supporting our association management needs as well.”

– Andrew Fitzpatrick, Chief Executive Officer, Washington Publishing Company

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