wayne state university press
wayne state university press
wayne state university press

Client Challenge:

The Wayne State University Press journals program had doubled in size, and they needed a modern subscription management system that could handle journals and the complex accounting that comes with them. They were using another platform at the time and wanted to make sure the conversion went smoothly.

Client Brief:

Client Name: Wayne State University Press
Industry: Academic Journal Publishing
Why Multipub: Contemporary interface with robust accounting capabilities


To ensure the conversion from their current system to ours went well, we did the set-up consulting and training on-site, which allowed us to have a single group working towards the same goal. This strategy meant the typical project timeframe was shortened by weeks. Now, with our audience management platform, Wayne State University Press is able to manage renewals, defer revenue and invoice all their journal products in one place.

The Benefits:

  • Provides complex accounting capabilities.
  • Manages details unique to university presses.
  • Offered an efficient and effective conversion approach.

“Multipub performed our set-up consulting and training on-site, which helped us become more comfortable with the platform. They worked with us to schedule the conversion outside of our busy season and ensured we went live at the end of our basic training week. Their approach helped us achieve the accelerated launch for which we were looking.”

– Julie Warheit, Journals Marketing & Sales Coordinator, Wayne State University Press

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