Our Software Clients Include Publishers, Newspapers, Magazines, and More

Multipub is used by business-to-business, consumer and newspaper publishers, as well as any company selling products on a subscription basis. Our platform was designed to help organizations manage subscriptions and grow their business.

Designed to be incredibly flexible, our team of talented developers can adjust Multipub to best serve your organization. Track downloads and enforce paywalls, collect data for your next audit, analyze your audience and renewal rates and manage events all in one system.

With Multipub, you can view data at the individual level, giving you a 360° degree view of each customer. Having access to this kind of information improves efficiency, allows you to measure engagement levels, report dollars earned and better target your sales and marketing efforts.

“When AHC Media purchased the AHC titles from Thompson Media Group, we were under a tight deadline to convert our titles out of their system. Multipub built our cloud-based solution and migrated our data. We were live on the cloud in a matter of weeks.”

– Robin Salet, AHC Media

“When our company decided to implement Salesforce and Zuora, Multipub worked with us to design a solution that would fill in the financial data gaps and offer the reporting capabilities we needed.”

– Daniel Dewey, Informa

“We needed a system that could handle both subscriptions and one-shot (book) products. Being able to access and view both kinds of products on a single customer record has saved our team valuable time.”

– Rita Skog, the Vice President of Direct Marketing and Fulfillment Operations, Penny Publications, LLC

“Before selecting Multipub, we went through a year-long vetting process. We found it was a great fit for our organization, because the staff was committed to helping us succeed. They were willing to customize their platform to meet our needs, and we valued their great customer service and tailored approach. To this day, almost 20 years later, we still receive the same personalized attention and commitment from them.”

– Denise Spicer, Director of Business Systems, Thompson Information Systems