Simplify Your Accounting System with Our Subscription and Billing Software

Multipub is equipped with one of the most robust accounting systems on the market. In addition to handling complex transactions and billing arrangements, our platform was designed to analyze revenue and increase efficiency and accuracy. Our subscription accounting system:

Accounts for order adjustments with line-item accounting.

Multipub is an extension of your General Ledger package with all the details you need. It has its own Chart of Accounts and posts debits and credits with every single financial transaction.

Offers business intelligence data through our extensive reporting capabilities.

  • General Ledger Report: The Multipub General Ledger Report details the journal entries made into each account. This report can be run in detail or summary and can also be exported into a format for interfacing with your GL package.
  • Earned Income Report: The Earned Income Report analyzes the income earned for an issue date. The detail report lists each subscriber that received the issue and the income earned for the order. The summary report lists only the earned income total for the issue.
  • Deferred Income Report: The Deferred Revenue Report calculates both current and long-term deferred income. It may be run in detail, which lists subscriber and order information or in summary format, which gives the total deferred income by product.
  • Aged Accounts Receivable Report: The A.R. Aging Report groups the unpaid balances on subscriber accounts into aging buckets. The number of days in each of the aging periods are defined on the Control File. You may select the Collection Format to send the report to a .csv file which can be sent to a collection agency.

Reduces time-consuming data entry with options for installment billing and automatic renewals.

  • Establish the schedule.
  • Define rules for invoicing and aging.
  • Set up installment options.
    • With installment billing, you can generate bills or automatically charge a credit card on a pre-scheduled basis.
  • Outline parameters for automatic renewals.
    • Our platform can also automatically create the order and show the sale, accounts receivable and earned/deferred revenue through our automatic renewals feature. These can be generated annually, like a “till forbid” order or more frequently, such as monthly or quarterly similar to installment billing.
    • Process invoices.
    • Email statements or invoices, if needed.

Automatically processes credit cards with real-time order entry.

  • Our system integrates with Verisign/Paypal, Orbital, Cybersource, Braintree and Authorize.net.
  • More processors are being added every day. Ask us if we can integrate with yours.

Accounts for sales tax effortlessly with CCH, Avalara / Avatax, and Taxware.

  • Multipub offers users flexibility by providing CCH for those who want to do their own tax reporting. Here’s how it works:
    • Tax policy tables allow you to define which products, subscribers, locations, sales portals, distribution formats and additional charges are taxable and/or tax exempt.
    • Rates are updated automatically through a CCH subscription.
    • Reports include a breakdown of all state, county, city and local taxes.
  • Or, Multipub clients can leverage an integration with Avalara/Avatax or Taxware to manage their tax set-up and reporting.

Interfaces with your existing systems.

  • The Multipub General Ledger can interface electronically to virtually any accounting package. Common systems are Quickbooks, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics (Great Plains), PeopleSoft, Oracle and others.
  • It automatically posts debits and credits with each transaction making interfacing with your General Ledger easy.

Conducts business with customers around the world.

  • Multi Currency prints amounts in the appropriate currency on renewals, invoices, etc.
  • It will also record amounts in the organization’s native currency making conversions easy for you.
  • You may collect payment in as many foreign currencies as you choose.

Calculates royalty payments with the click of a button.

Define authors, percentages and other items to calculate the appropriate royalty every time.