Audience Management

Audience Management Platform and Circulation Software

Learn how each customer is interacting with your brand. Access order information, event attendance, email clicks and page views at the individual level. Improve efficiency, target marketing efforts and measure engagement levels with this valuable data. Provide data to sales reps to aid in building advertising revenue. Our dynamic system allows you to:

Measure engagement levels.

  • Our system uses data from your Content Management System (CMS) and Email Service Provider (ESP) to track engagement.
  • Multipub stores clicks, bounce rates, open rates, etc.
  • The data is aggregated to answer questions like which content is the most popular, who has accessed your articles, are emails being opened and how frequently are they being read.
  • Interactions with both email and websites are tied to an individual’s customer record. Knowing how much a customer is utilizing your content will help with onboarding efforts and renewal sales.

Manage client relationships.

Perfect your sales pitch by accessing client engagement information, alongside order information.

Manage follow-up calls.

Search on your activity list for the day and view a list of outstanding calls.

Define and schedule activities.

Manage appointments and follow-up with key contacts easily.

Enter an unlimited number of comments and notes.

Streamline customer communication with detailed notes on calls and meetings. Ensure your messages are consistent across all departments.

Integrate with existing CRM systems.

This connectivity allows you to access all Multipub account information in other programs, like Salesforce.

Streamline circulation audits.

  • Multipub meets the requirements for AAM, BPA, USPS, CVC and other audit groups.
  • As you define your publications, you can specify which demographic fields you wish to collect, along with which fields are required.
  • You may define and enter an unlimited number of demographic fields for each order.
  • Data can be reported on the Supplemental Data Audit forms.
  • You may define and capture the Personal Identifier question.
  • Audit Reports can be generated with proof pools to provide the detailed information from every cell of every audit report.
  • Archive your publications to make it easier to pass your audit.
  • Multipub provides the Additions and Removals report in hard copy and .csv file format.
  • Our platform also meets the requirements for digital edition audits.