Carrier Delivery System

Customize Your Carrier Delivery System to Your Business

Our Carrier Delivery System can be personalized to your business. Manage the details of your unique set-up and track the details that matter to you. Simplify delivery for your carriers by:

Assigning routes automatically.

Multipub allows users to automatically assign routes based on address, streamlining delivery for carriers and saving companies valuable time. Simply create a “Router Table,” which divides a service area into routes. Then, subscribers are automatically assigned to those routes and carriers.

Creating customized rates to best incentivize drivers

Use Multipub to set-up customized carrier rates based on the day of the week and issue type. Our system helps users accurately track each of those unique costs and the amount paid per delivery.

Tracking supply purchases.

Make life easier for your carriers by tracking their supply purchases. Items, like insurance, bonds, rubber bands and bags can be managed here. Costs are then netted out based on pay cycle earnings.

Producing carrier statements with revenue and expenses.

The system’s delivery statements show the earnings and expenses for each carrier. It also details the amount paid per delivery, as well as tips and chargebacks. This level of detail supplies carriers with an accurate and current view of their compensation.

Creating manifests for trucks and carriers.

Multipub generates manifests to help carriers manage deliveries and returns. It can show the number of copies and bundles, new starts and stops, and comments and instructions to help the carrier deliver the right paper to the correct subscriber in the best manner.

Tracking tips, donations, and charge-backs.

With Multipub, users can let subscribers leave tips for carriers and make donations to schools or participate in NIE (Newspapers in Education). Those details are recorded back in the General Ledger package and rolled up with all other activity in the system.