Event Management

Event Management Features within Multipub’s Membership Software

Multipub handles more than just subscription data. With it, you can manage conferences, trade shows and other events. Use this module to:

Set up registration easily.

Instead of creating a new system, collect registration and payment data online via Mult-e-commerce. This data will flow directly from your website into our database, making reporting simple.

Reduce errors by automating name badge creation.

  • Multipub can generate name badges from the registration.
  • They can be printed on–the-fly for walk-ups or ahead of time.

Quickly customize pricing for your event.

  • Because events are defined as products, you can create different items for full-day versus single day registrations.
  • You can even define products for sponsorships, exhibit space and supplemental workshops or sessions.
  • Establish types of attendees, such as free or paid to accommodate special guests, like speakers or staff.
  • Set various pricing schedules to complement your promotional schedule for things like early bird or group rates.

Automate RSVP tracking.

If you need to track RSVP’s, Multipub will allow you to set an unlimited number of time slots and sessions to meet your needs.

Manage attendee registration alongside exhibitors and sponsors.

  • Multipub can accept orders for exhibit space and sponsorships, along with event registration.
  • Generate attendee lists as an exhibitor or sponsor benefit.

Communicate with attendees.

Send pre and post-conference mail pieces and emails using our platform.

Manage event accounting.

  • Create invoices for attendees and sponsors from Multipub.
  • Produce Earned Income, Accounts/Receivable and General Ledger reports for your events.