Software for Fulfilling Newspapers, Magazines, and Other Subscription Management

Fulfilling tangible or electronic goods is simple with Multipub. Our fulfillment capabilities increase efficiency and reduce errors by automating aspects of fulfillment. With Multipub, you can:

Process all of your products in one system.

Our platform can process both subscription-based and one-off products for fulfillment.

Use as many delivery methods as you need.

Multipub supports an unlimited number of delivery methods, including carrier delivery.

Produce shipping labels and .csv files easily.

  • Send them to your mailer for pre-sorting and printing
  • Integrate this feature with shipping systems, such as FedEx and UPS.

Integrate with third party mailing services.

Our platform integrates with third party systems, like Satori to provide National Change of Address (NCOA) updates and to CASS certify your file. Address updates are applied real-time during order entry and can also be run in batch mode. It also works with the USPS’s Address Change Service to receive Nixies electronically through the post office. Our platform can process the change or cancel the record as needed.

Automate inventory management.

Manage product inventory, bill of materials and multiple warehouses with our Inventory System. Use it to define products and quantities available in each location. With this tool, inventory transactions can be entered and reports can be easily generated.

Interfaces with your CMS system, so you can set access control for online content.

  • You may call the Mult-e-commerce API’s from your web CMS to authenticate users.
  • From our platform, you can determine if users are active, expired or trials and which content they are entitled to view.
  • You can also see if users are part of a site license.