Market and Grow Your Business with Multipub

Easily analyze your current and prospective customer base with our marketing module. Use Multipub to access comprehensive business intelligence data and manage marketing campaigns. Our platform allows you to:

Manage renewal campaigns efficiently.

  • Renewals can be sent via print or email and include one or multiple products together on the same notice.
  • Multipub can automatically adjust the price over time, calculate sales tax and include different offers for different terms.

Handle automatic renewals seamlessly.

  • Multipub will automatically generate a renewal order for a customer and can either charge their credit card or send them an invoice. You make the call.
  • Define unique renewal schedules for each to automate your process.

Access the data your organization needs to increase sales.

  • Multipub contains a Query Module for designing your own reports.
  • You may enter your selection criteria and the desired output format.
  • You may also run canned reports from the query results, output the data, generate campaigns and labels, and merge and compare query results.

Find out what your customers want.

  • Multipub allows you to create your own survey.
  • Capture any number of responses to an unlimited number of questions.

Turn raw data into eye-catching charts and graphs.

  • Multipub features thousands of different report options, many of which can be downloaded in a .csv format.
  • Use this raw data to build pivot tables, charts and perform sophisticated analysis using Microsoft Excel.

Streamline your circulation audits.

  • Multipub meets the requirements for AAM, BPA, USPS, CVC and other audit groups.
  • As you define your publications, you can specify which demographic fields you wish to collect, along with which fields are required.
  • You may define and enter an unlimited number of demographic fields for each order.
  • Data can be reported on the Supplemental Data Audit forms.
  • You may define and capture the Personal Identifier question.
  • Audit Reports can be generated with proof pools to provide the detailed information from every cell of every audit report.
  • Archive your publications to make it easier to pass your audit.
  • Multipub provides the Additions and Removals report in hard copy and .csv file format.
  • Our platform also meets the requirements for digital edition audits.

Build your database.

Users can import lists and purge the duplicates, allowing them to market to new prospects.

Market your connections.

For out-bound lists, you may select the desired records and generate the invoice for the List Rental to send to the customer.

Generate buzz with enticing premiums.

  • Premiums can be defined in Multipub and included in promotions for distribution with either all orders or only paid orders.
  • Premiums can be fulfilled in the shipping system.

Turn prospects into customers with requestor to paid campaigns.

  • Multipub has a campaign type specifically designed to convert both requestors and non-requestors to paid subscribers.
  • The campaigns allow you to select your audience and market to them via sample issues or trial content and marketing material.
  • Non-Paid Subscribers that convert to Paid Subscribers are counted as responses to the campaign.

Rotate your circulation.

  • You may activate and de-activate non-paid subscribers as needed to maintain circulation numbers.
  • This feature is managed through the Multipub Queries whereby you may select non-paid subscribers for activation or de-activation in order to control the active circulation for an issue.

See which customers keep returning each year.

The Renewal Report option provides conversions vs. renewals; renewal rates by source, rate and effort, along with many other criteria; inclusion of the dollar amount expiring and the potential dollar amount renewing; and even the ability to roll-up products into groups.

Track your campaigns’ success rates.

The Campaign Tracking Report provides a detailed account of each effort in a campaign series, including the number sent, the number responded, and the amount of money received.

Perform detailed marketing analysis.

  • Multipub’s Promotion Module allows you to define everything about your promotion: the list, products offered, prices offered, premiums and their policies for distribution, refund policies, all costs related to the promotion and more.
  • The analysis reports enable you to review the success of your promotions, including profitability by many different criteria.