Single Copy Sales

Manage Complex Single Copy Sales in One Place

Multipub’s single copy sales module was designed to help publishers manage every aspect of their largest customers’ accounts. With our platform, you can:

Track multiple locations.

In Multipub, users can set-up single copy locations, such as retail outlets and racks. For each, you can identify the address and any special delivery instructions.

Manage draws, including different counts for each issue.

Establish the draw for each location and track how many were delivered with each issue. With our platform, you have the option to assign different pricing for certain editions and identify unique draws for each issue.

Keep your balance sheet current and your statements accurate with our Returns Module.

With our single copy sales module, you can process any returns and issue credits for items not sold. Utilize our manifests to easily record and enter or import the copies returned for each issue.

Automatically generate billing statements showing draws less returns.

Produce billing statements showing draws less returns. Then, send the Single Copy Statements in a timely manner to help manage cashflow.

Help trucks and carriers manage deliveries and returns.

Automatically generate manifests for trucks and carriers. Each one can show the number of copies to be delivered to each location for each issue.