Subscription Management

Subscription Management and Recurring Billing Software

Multipub keeps track of each order and all the details that go along with the purchase, so you don’t have to. It increases accuracy and efficiency by automating pieces of the subscription management process, saving you time. Our platform:

Tracks all the details.

These include product, price, start/end dates, order date, payment date, aging/ship dates, source of the order, related marketing efforts, delivery information and demographics.

Automates renewals.

The system uses its comprehensive database to feed the renewal process. It lets you know who is ready for renewal and how much they should be charged. This information is used to automatically generate renewal notices, track responses and analyze the effectiveness of your campaign.

Allows you to choose a recurring billing set-up that works best for you.

Multipub offers different recurring billing options based on the frequency of the billing, the accounting requirements, how sales are tracked, etc.

To protect your business and your subscribers, credit card data isn’t stored in Multipub.

Manages separate, but related subscribers in a single group.

Multipub offers extensive functionality for processing groups. You may connect orders to their group account and then, enter renewals and payments for the groups rather than the individuals. It automatically creates the details at the individual order level, so you can add, cancel or adjust any individual order. With this, you can also generate group invoices and group renewal notices, as well as group shipping documents.

Is designed for subscription-based products.

It manages items unique to subscription-based products, like paid subscriptions, requestors, non-requestors, forced free trials, gift subscriptions, vacation addresses, stop/hold service, cancellations and issue- and time-based subscriptions.

Detects duplicates.

Multipub does duplicate detection with every record that is entered, loaded or imported. Duplicates are identified as “fuzzy duplicates” if they look similar or “exact duplicates” if we can tell for certain they are duplicates.

Collects the data you need.

Our adaptable platform has an unlimited number of demographic data fields, so you can manage your audience on a number of levels.

Sets different levels of access.

With Multipub, you can control which users have access to different aspects of the system. Establish users, roles and groups of programs to grant or deny access as needed.