Third-Party Integration

Multipub was designed to integrate with a number of third-party programs. These partnerships mean you can keep existing infrastructure and eliminate time-consuming data entry. Below, we’ve included information on which programs we partner with and how they can make your data work for you.

Keep customer data up-to-date with a CRM integration.

Use our system’s built–in connection, which allows orders to flow directly into our platform. This connectivity allows you to access all Multipub account information in other programs, like Salesforce.

Maintain accurate customer addresses through partnerships.

  • Our platform integrates with third party systems, like Satori to provide National Change of Address (NCOA) updates and to CASS certify your file. Address updates are applied real-time during order entry and can be run in batch mode. Our platform can process the change or cancel the record as needed.
  • Uses Satori for CASS Certification. It provides address correction, standardization and Zip +4 assignments. Addresses are modified in real time as you enter the subscriber record.

Keep credit card data secure.

Multipub offers automatic credit card processing with real-time order entry. Our system integrates with Verisign/Paypal, Orbital, Cybersource, Authorize.net, Braintree and others.

Seamlessly gather online sales data from your website.

  • To accommodate a variety of clients, we offer several different integration options. Our Mult-e-commerce module connects Multipub with your site. This can be done one of two ways. We can use API’s to call your website or we can build a hosted shopping cart for your organization. You may also import import transactions in batch mode.
  • Integrates with WooCommerce, a WordPress product.

Automatically calculate sales tax.

Multipub has several options for calculating and collecting sales tax.  We have web service integrations with Avalara Avatax as well as Taxware.  But you can also receive rate updates from CCH (www.salestax.com) and then configure Multipub to perform all tax calculations.

Integrate with ePublishing.

  • Use Multipub subscription data to set access control levels.
  • Access the list of articles viewed in ePublishing to learn which topics are of interest and to what degree your customers are engaged. This data can be sent to Multipub on a nightly basis.

Access a flexible architecture that works with your platform.

The primary database is a Progress database, but we can use Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server.

Share sales intel and customer updates with other departments.

Collects sales data from Salesforce.com in Multipub.