Website Integration

Website Integration for Online Subscription Management with Multipub

Multipub was designed to integrate seamlessly with your website. Our platform can capture data collected and populate information on your site. Having these pieces connected can:

Improve accuracy in reporting.

When your online shopping cart is connected to Multipub, web orders are processed automatically. The Mult-e-commerce module provides a real-time connection to your website, so orders flow seamlessly into our platform with no re-keying of data.

Minimize duplicate data entry, as customers can manage their own accounts.

Through Mult-e-commerce and Multipub, subscribers can view their account, enter address changes, check shipment status, renew products or apply payments

Reduce hours spent adding products online and in Multipub.

Our APIs allow products and rates between your site and Multipub to be in sync.

Integrate with your existing system.

  • To accommodate a variety of clients, we offer several different integration options. Our Mult-e-commerce module connects Multipub with your site.
    • You can use the Multipub API’s to submit and retrieve Multipub data.
    • We can build and host a shopping cart for your organization
    • You can import transactions into Multipub in batch mode.
  • View our online open API documentation to simplify your integration efforts.