Sample Training Plan for Multipub Software Implementation

Multipub’s sophisticated data structure was designed to adapt and grow with you. Before installing our platform, we ask each client a series of questions to ensure our system works best for their organization. We’ll consider how products are marketed, sold, entered, serviced, fulfilled, renewed, tracked and analyzed. We will examine how to best define your business, products and customers in Multipub, so it can provide the greatest benefit to you. Whether we’re modifying demographic fields or creating meaningful reports, we’ll ensure you’re able to access the data you need easily.

Then, our experienced team will partner with you to convert your data. After completing the test conversion, we conduct training using your data. This enables you to review your set-up decisions and see exactly how Multipub will work for you. After training, you may continue to work with the test system, including performing some parallel testing. When you’re ready for the live conversion, you’ll send us the final data set, which we will use to build your live database. Our approach is designed to take the guess work out of installation for you and your tech department. Below, you’ll see a sample training and implementation plan for Multipub.

The contract is finalized.

The contract is signed, and the deposit is sent.

Welcome to Multipub!

We send our “Welcome Kit” to you. This document helps our clients detail the business requirements, so Multipub can be configured appropriately.

Data files are sent to us.

Next, we ask you to send your data file and corresponding reports to us, as soon as possible. This file will be used to build the Multipub database, which is utilized to develop the conversion software, as well as provide a database for training purposes. The corresponding reports, such as counts of active and inactive subscribers, deferred revenue, aged A/R, etc. are provided to make sure the conversion balances.

You are set-up on Amazon.

The instance is created on Amazon, and the Multipub software and empty databases are installed.

We begin tailoring Multipub for you.

A Multipub consultant works with you as part of our “Setup Consulting” service. During this process, we tailor Multipub to meet your specific needs. This includes consulting, either remotely or at your office, to define the set-up, map the data conversion, etc.

The data conversion begins.

Now, we begin the data conversion programming using the mapping and decisions made during our meeting.

Test data is loaded.

The test data is loaded into the test database.

It’s time for training.

A Multipub representative will provide Basic Training to you utilizing the test database built with your data. This is training on the basics of the system, i.e., customer service, order entry, labels, invoices, renewals and fulfillment. It can be done via webinar or on-site.

Prep begins for the live conversion.

At this point, you will send us the final live database file, along with corresponding reports for the live conversion.

The live conversion starts.

After receiving those, we complete the live conversion. Your system will be “down” for one week, i.e. any work that you complete on your current system must be re-entered into Multipub.

You’re up and running.

Multipub is now running live.