Do More With Less

For years, Multipub has helped publishers manage accounting, marketing and fulfillment operations. Now, with our full-service offering, you can focus on what really matters – growing your audience.

Why Multipub Full-Service

  • Our team can manage the details of your business, like bundles, subscriptions, one-off products, site licenses, sales tax and currency, all while working in Multipub.
  • Run reports and access your entire database whenever you’d like. As a full-service client, you will have access to the same system and data in which we’re working.
  • You can select the services on which you’d like our help and determine if you’d like a full or partial arrangement. We’ll customize a package that’s right for you.
  • We can jump in when you’re missing staff or need a more permanent solution. Our team is ready to help.

Get the most out of our complex platform without adding staff. Let’s tailor a package to meet your organization’s needs. Set up an introductory meeting here or contact us with questions.

Data Entry

  • Process Payments
    • Checks and Credit Cards
    • Balance Payments with Manual Deposit and Credit Card Charges
  • Enter Transactions:
    • Individual Orders
    • Large Group Subscriptions
  • Balance the Batch, Both Payments and Sales Amounts
  • Answer Customer Phone Calls
  • Enter Customer Service Transactions
  • Receive and Respond to Customer Emails
  • Return Phone Calls in Response to Emails
  • Enter Transactions from Customer Emails
  • Balance Customer Service Transactions
  • Replacement Copies or Back Issue Coordination
  • Q/C Checks for All Data Entry
  • Periodic Reviews of the Data
  • Digital Access Issues
    • Email/Password
    • Complex Digital Access
  • Process Refund Transactions
  • Enter All the Details of the Cancellations, Refunds and Adjustments
  • Weekly Refund Report Sent to Customer for All Refunds
  • Mail-In Credit Card Charges
    • Check Refunds
    • Q/C Refunds
  • Enter Refund Details
  • Manage eComm Order Flow into Multipub
  • Process eComm Transactions and Exceptions
  • Post the Transactions
  • Generate Daily Transaction Reports
  • Generate Daily Activity Reports


  • Generate Shipping Pick List
  • Generate Shipping Files
  • Upload to Shipping Systems
  • Print Shipping Documents
  • Q/C Shipments
  • Post Shipping Records
  • Label Items
  • Send Specs for Label Splits
  • Create Label Control and Batch
  • Sort Labels
  • Label Files on Spooler
  • Q/C Label Files


  • Renewal Schedules
  • Generate Renewal Campaigns
  • Q/C Renewal Campaigns: # Records, Prices, etc.
  • Generate Renewal Notice Files
  • Renewal Files on Spooler for Download
  • Print Renewal Notices as Mail Merge
  • Q/C Renewal Efforts


  • Invoice Schedules
  • Generate Invoice Files
  • Q/C Invoices: # Records, Prices, etc.
  • Invoice Files on Spooler for Download
  • Print Invoices as Mail Merge
  • Q/C Invoices
  • Generate Reminder Notice Files
  • Q/C Reminders: # Records, Prices, etc.
  • Reminder Notice Files on Spooler for Download
  • Print Reminders as Mail Merge
  • Q/C Reminders


  • Generate Weekly Report Packet
  • Transaction Activity Reports
  • Close Month
    • Post All Transactions
    • Run All Month-End Reports
  • Balance Month-End
  • Generate Monthly Report Packet

Additional Services

  • Set-Up:
    • Product Codes
    • Rate Codes
    • Source Codes
    • Promotion Codes
    • Delivery Codes and Rates
  • Custom or One-Off Requests
  • Software Support

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