Fulfillment Services

Our team can manage the details of your business, like bundles, subscriptions, one-off products, site licenses, sales tax and currency – all while working in Multipub. As a full-service client, you will have access to the same system and data in which we’re working. Run reports and access your entire database whenever you’d like.

Get the most out of our complex platform without adding staff. Let’s tailor a package to meet your organization’s needs. Set up an introductory meeting here or contact us with questions.


  • Generate Shipping Pick List
  • Generate Shipping Files
  • Upload to Shipping Systems
  • Print Shipping Documents
  • Q/C Shipments
  • Post Shipping Records
  • Label Items
  • Send Specs for Label Splits
  • Create Label Control and Batch
  • Sort Labels
  • Label Files on Spooler
  • Q/C Label Files


  • Renewal Schedules
  • Generate Renewal Campaigns
  • Q/C Renewal Campaigns: # Records, Prices, etc.
  • Generate Renewal Notice Files
  • Renewal Files on Spooler for Download to Send to ESP or Lettershop
  • Print Renewal Notices as Mail Merge
  • Email Renewal Notices via SendGrid
  • Q/C Renewal Efforts


  • Invoice Schedules
  • Generate Invoice Files
  • Q/C Invoices: # Records, Prices, etc.
  • Invoice Files on Spooler for Download to Send to ESP or Lettershop
  • Print Invoices as Mail Merge
  • Email Invoices via SendGrid
  • Q/C Invoices
  • Q/C Reminders


  • Generate Weekly Report Packet
  • Transaction Activity Reports
  • Close Month
    • Post All Transactions
    • Run All Month-End Reports
  • Balance Month-End
  • Generate Monthly Report Packet


  • Daily Reports
    • Deposit Report
    • Refund Report
    • Comment Type Report
    • New/Renewal Activity Report
  • Daily Ecomm Processing
    • Replication Exceptions
    • Web Transactions
    • Ecomm Exception Report
    • Data Entry
    • Data Entry Edit List
    • Post Data Entry
  • Weekly Reports
    • New/Renewal Activity Report
    • Order Activity Report
    • Circ Press Run Report
    • Deferred Revenue Report
    • GL Distribution Report
    • Aging Report
  • Month End Accounting
    • GL Distribution Report
    • Aging Report
    • Deferred Revenue Report
    • Month End Balancing Report
  • Label Reports
    • Issue Date Report
    • Issue Status Report
    • Earned Issue Income Report
    • Adds & Removals Report

Additional Services

  • Set-Up:
    • Product Codes
    • Rate Codes
    • Source Codes
    • Promotion Codes
    • Delivery Codes and Rates
  • Custom or One-Off Requests
  • Software Support

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